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Nurturing Parenting Programs

WFSC offers structured home visiting to families with children ages 6-12, as well as pregnant individuals, utilizing a variety of curricula available with the Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP).   Through this additional service we are able to continue home visits with families as their youngest child completes kindergarten and enters first grade.The Nurturing Parenting Programs are developed from a strong philosophical basis that supports the growth and development of parents and children as caring people who treat themselves, others and the environment with respect and dignity.  The Nurturing Parenting Programs are founded on the following morals and values:

  • Positive Self Worth – Parents and children who treat themselves with respect will in turn treat others with respect.
  • Empathy – The ability to be aware of the needs of others, and to take positive actions on the behalf of others.
  • Empowerment and Strong Will – Children need to be empowered to make good choices and wise decisions.
  • Structure and Discipline – The practice of teaching children to be respectful, cooperative and contributing members to a family and society.
  • Laughter, Humor and Play – Humor, laughter and fun promote happiness in families. A happy child is an easier child to parent than a child with a negative, hostile attitude.

Nurturing is a learned behavior and people’s nurturing and parenting skills can be developed through education.

Let's Get Excited About Family Support!

Family support is a family-focused approach to human service delivery.  It is community based and there are no eligibility requirements for participation.  As opposed to identifying and fixing what is wrong, family support focuses on identifying and building upon family strengths.


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