Parent Leadership

Leaders for social justice and human rights

Parent Council

Each center has a Parent Council made up of parents and at least one staff member who serve as equal partners. Their job is to identify, develop, implement, and evaluate their center’s activities, services, and programs.

Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors welcome new parents to Family Support centers, speak and represent Family Support at events, and serve as links between Family Support and other groups who provide services to families.

Allegheny County Family Support Policy Board

Founded in 1993, the Policy Board is a countywide advisory body composed of parent leaders, funders, and other community stakeholders. Members serve on one of four committees: Executive, Collaboration, Communications, and Advocacy.

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Civic Engagement

Parents often take the lead for promoting activities that will not only benefit their family but also the greater community.  Throughout the years parents enrolled in WFSC have served as leaders for social justice and human rights.  The parent leadership activities at WFSC have also included educating families, friends and neighbors about the benefits of voting in each and every election.


By voting our residents will begin to know that we as a community have a say so in the big picture of politics. When we make history by having the highest voter turnout it will give neighbors in the community pride in the fact that they were a part of making history.

The first goal is to increase voting turnout in Wilkinsburg. The second goal is to have documentation on how we did it so other communities can utilize it. The objective is to bring the community together to work to make Wilkinsburg known as the borough that has the highest voter turnout in any election.

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