Social Connections

WFSC provides group events for social connections

Social Connections

About social connections  Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) states, “Friends, family members, neighbors and community members provide emotional support, help solve problems, offer parenting advice and give concrete assistance to parents. Networks of support are essential to parents and also offer opportunities for people to ‘give back’, an important part of self-esteem as well as a benefit for the community. Isolated families may need extra help in reaching out to build positive relationships.”

WFSC provides group events for social connections throughout the year.  Some are held bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annually.  The bi-monthly Arts and Crafts for Adults is held the second and fourth Thursday each month.  On alternate Thursdays (first and third) we have Music Café and Karaoke.  The monthly Parent Brunch is held to provide parents a time to present a variety of topics to discuss from current events to household tips.  The quarterly Beverly’s Birthday Party is held to celebrate the birthdays of children enrolled in the center – all families are always welcome to attend.

The annual summer swim party held in August, Fall Festival held in October,  Thanksgiving Dinner held in November and Holiday Season Celebration held in December provide additional opportunities for families to meet for a good time, establish new friendships and reacquaint themselves with families they may not have seen in a while.

To sign up for a bi-monthly, monthly or other social connection event please click here.

Let's Get Excited About Family Support!

Family support is a family-focused approach to human service delivery.  It is community based and there are no eligibility requirements for participation.  As opposed to identifying and fixing what is wrong, family support focuses on identifying and building upon family strengths.


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