Technology Resources

Individuals not enrolled may use these resources after completion of a one-page registration form.

Technology Resources

WFSC has a high-speed copy machine and computer area initially available as a resource for our enrolled families.  We have extended the use of this area to the public.  Individuals not enrolled may use these resources after completion of a one-page registration form.  Individuals that complete the registration process agree to the terms and conditions established for the public use of these resources.

  • The center’s copy machine is available for sending fax transmissions at no cost to the user.
  • Each computer has Microsoft Office™ software installed which consists of Microsoft Word™, Excel™ and Outlook™.
  • Each computer is connected to the Internet for your use of online services and programs.
  • Each computer is equipped with an individual color printer which is also able to be used as a scanner.
  • Please contact the center in advance if you have special computer or technology resource needs to ensure that help will be available upon your arrival.
  • Please be advised that staff members have access to equipment features that are not available to the public.

These services are provided to anyone in the community.  You do not have to be enrolled in our family support center for this support.  Call the center at 412.871.7948 and ask to speak to Mr. Clifford McCaulley to schedule an appointment if you have a special technology need.

Let's Get Excited About Family Support!

Family support is a family-focused approach to human service delivery.  It is community based and there are no eligibility requirements for participation.  As opposed to identifying and fixing what is wrong, family support focuses on identifying and building upon family strengths.


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